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August 07, 2018 2 min read

One of the things that makes yoga among the most versatile types of exercise (and relaxation) is its ability to be done virtually anywhere and anytime. And for yogis who prefer the great outdoors and the feel of nature, that means grabbing their yoga mats and heading outside on those glorious days where it seems like a waste to stay cooped up inside. And why not? Mother Nature can provide some stunning backdrops to help you relax and find your focus, from the splendor of springtime flowers to the splash of summer waves and the fiery colors of fall foliage.

Let’s look at some of the top places to do yoga outdoors.

Your porch/patio/deck

If you don’t have a lot of time, spread your yoga mat out and get into your favorite positions right outside your door – on the porch, patio or deck. Pick a sunny location and find your zen. Worried about the neighbors? Invest in a few privacy screens and then enjoy your “me” time away from prying eyes.

Your lawn

Your backyard is good for most than just barbecuing; it can become an ideal yoga cove. Still as convenient as your patio, your backyard also provides the feel of earth beneath your feet, which can help you find your center and reconnect with nature.

The park

If you’re lucky enough to be within close proximity to a public park, you’re bound to find a swath or two of grass that’s perfect for getting some sunshine while you go through your routine. If you’re feeling a bit daring, take advantage of some playground equipment to work on aerial or balance moves. We won’t tell.

Local walking or hiking trails

Walking is great exercise in itself but using your time on the trail to work in a few moves can be a good way to incorporate yoga into your walk. Stop for a few stretches and poses, and then relax on a rock or stump for a mind-clearing meditation session amid the chirping of birds and the comfort of the sun through the forest canopy.

Your favorite stretch of beach

Sand provides a soft, earthy surface for your yoga workout, and as a bonus, you get the cool breeze from the ocean to keep you cool. Be sure to stay for some quiet meditation afterwards as you soak in the sun and the benefits of a vitamin-D-fueled workout.

The lake

No beach nearby? No problem. Head to a local lake and stretch out on the shoreline in the grass before settling into your Downward Dog groove. Sounds of local wildlife and the beautiful sun overhead can help you feel connected and at peace.

Your boat

If you’re headed out on the water, take your yoga routine along and hit the boat deck for some relaxation. The mist of water against your face can help you find inner tranquility while you get into your favorite positions. 

    Changing things up a bit with an outdoor yoga routine can be refreshing and help you get out of the rut of the same-old-same-old. Grab your gear, pick a spot and head outside to take your yoga routine back to nature, find your center, and add variety to your workout.

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