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March 20, 2019 3 min read

New to growing succulents? Want to choose an attractive, lush plant that doesn’t need intense care and attention to grow and thrive? Many succulents are quite simple to take care of, but some need considerably more maintenance than others. Here is a selection of gorgeous succulents that will brighten up your rooms without eating too much into your time.


Echeveria genus has a huge number of different plants, all beautiful and all easy to take care of. Drought-resistant and hardy, these succulents flourish with regular, deep watering and fertilizing. Echeverias prefer bright sunlight for the majority of the day but will tolerate some shade or a relatively darker environment. They’re slow-growing and very simple to tend to. Echeverias are a perfect starter plant for someone just getting into succulents.

Succulent Echeveria

Jade Plant

Super easy to take care of, Jade Plants (Crassula ovata) are a popular choice as they can thrive with a more relaxed approach to plant care. They’re considered symbols of good luck and good fortune for your home. They do well in direct sunlight and are content being fertilized once every six months. Jade Plants need sufficient watering and don’t like to dry out completely. They should be watered when the top of the soil is dry to the touch.

Succulent Jade Plant


Aloe (Aloe vera) is a plant that you’re probably familiar with for its benefits for the skin and health. They’re best kept somewhere they won’t be bumped against or disturbed. They do well in direct sunlight, and prefer a sandier soil that drains well. Regular watering during growing season will help your Aloe plant thrive, but Aloe will tolerate some drought too. When grown indoors, Aloe rarely produces blooms, but the green leaves will brighten any room and provide soothing relief in the event of minor cuts or burns.

Succulent Aloe Vera

Panda Plant

With soft, furry leaves that look a little like cat’s ears, the Panda Plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa) is a nice addition to a collection of easy succulents. Native to Madagascar, this plant enjoys warm, dry conditions and thrives in the indoor heat during winter time. They prefer bright, mostly indirect light but will tolerate direct sun for a portion of the day. You only need to water them when the soil is completely dry, then give your Panda Plant a thorough soaking and leave it until it’s dry again.

Succulent Panda Plant

Baby Toes

For something a little different and more unusual-looking, try Baby Toes (Fenestrariarhopalophylla). This succulent is quite easy to propagate and will bloom indoors from late summer to fall. While they can tolerate drought conditions with little water, Baby Toes enjoy regular watering and fertilizing during growing season. You can drastically reduce watering during the winter months, and when kept in bright light, Baby Toes thrive indoors.

Succulent Fenestraria Rhopalophyllain Baby Toes

Crown of Thorns

Another Madagascan native, the Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia milii) is both heat and drought tolerant. It will adapt easily to the dry, warm indoor environment and grows best when placed on a sunny windowsill. Crown of Thorns prefers direct sunlight, preferably three to four hours of it per day. You should water your Crown of Thorns plant when the soil is dry to the depth of about an inch, and fertilize regularly during growth. Repot every two years or so for the best results.

Succulent Crown of Thorns Euphorbia Milii

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