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Ambassador Guidelines

Congratulations on being a brand ambassador for the Edgehill Collective! We are so excited to have you as part of the team to help change the world, one tree at a time!

We wanted to put together a few tips for your posts to help you as you think of the best copy for your fans.

1. Hashtags - If you could at least include the #edgehillco hashtag in your post and story.

2. Instagram Account Tag - The best way to let your fans know who you got the apparel from is by tagging the brand @edgehill22 in the story and the post.

3. Our Mission - Our mission is to reforest the planet, one tree at a time. Every clothing item purchased helps plant one 🌲. Together, our individual actions can make a big difference. Consider including this in your post "1 ITEM PURCHASED = 1 🌲 PLANTED" For more information about the mission, check out the our story page.

4. Product Details - We would love if you could describe the fit and how the yoga pants feel in your own words. Let your fans know your opinion of the pants and how they compare to other pants that you own. 

5. Swipe Up Link - We will issue you a swipe up link in an email to be able to utilize when posting stories.

6. Photos - We would love any high quality shots you take with the apparel to feature you on our website and instagram. Feel free to email them back to your contact. 

7. Ideal Shot - If you are really looking to help us drive our mission, the most ideal pose would be doing the tree pose or the inverted tree pose along with mentioning the mission would get tons of kudos. Feel free to do what makes most sense for your followers but you will get a ton of brownie points for doing an epic tree pose :) 

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